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Save Reply. 5. Re: Strip vs Old Vegas (Downtown). Dec 3, 2012, 7:55 AM. While I disagree with Losvu on some points (not all downtown casinos are old, dirty and smokey, for example), I agree that in this case a Strip hotel is probably the best choice. It's hard enough to keep everyone in a large group happy, so being close ...
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Las Vegas Maps - Downtown

Downtown Las Vegas Casino Map - Fremont Street Experience -
Downtown Vegas hotels used to be the best places to be in Vegas but as the Strip has grown, the Downtown area has gone down in popularity. Luckily there is a new movement to make Downtown exciting again so make sure to be ahead of the newest trend and check out Casino Boy's map of Downtown Vegas and ...
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The hotels and casinos of glittering, sort of grimy Downtown Las Vegas.

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Downtown Las Vegas Casino Map - Fremont Street Experience -

Las Vegas Maps - Downtown

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I've searched this topic and this is what I've come up with.
Please let me know if I've missed anything - we are determining where to stay.
STRIP Better for shows, restaurants and more lively during the day.
OLD VEGAS Better for gambling for someand a great night vibe.
Cheaper than the strip.
Quiet during the day and not as much to do.
We did the strip in October a couple of years ago.
Enjoyed it although the weather was unseasonably cold and windy so much so the Bellagio fountains were kept off.
Have never been to old Vegas.
There will be a big group of us and most don't want to split our time between both places.
I think you pretty well defined the differences.
I would stay on the strip and go downtown when you feel like it.
I would guess that you would be spending way more time on the strip then downtown.
There are low cost options for food on the strip or within walking distance also.
Good luck with your choice.
Downtown is not for everyone, most stay and prefer to stay on the strip where all vegas casino map action takes place, yes the strip is more crowded, yes the strip has superior restaurants and shows and there is a reason for that, its where the majority of people stay.
Your strip hotels also have the soupier pool grounds and shopping.
The Golden Nugget which is vegas casino map downtown Best downtown has to offer is many times priced the same as a less expensive hotel on the strip.
Two days Downtown you will be bored out of your minds unless of course you plan to gamble and drink most of your awakening hours.
Things to do and see downtown are limited.
Do yourself a favor and stay on strip.
I agree with tjp60.
If you don't want to split your time between the two, I'd stay on the strip.
Some people love downtown and spend most of their time there but with a large group, I'd stay where most of the group will want to spend most of their time - which is likely to be the strip.
Please do not think downtown is "old Vegas".
It's not, your use of the term indicates that you're unaware of what downtown is like, which is fine, this is one of many internet forums where you can receive accurate information.
There is no true "old Vegas".
Your comparisons are partially right.
There are some good shows downtown, particularly Gordie Brown, a talented performer who started downtown as "downtown Gordie Brown", moved to The venetian, toured with Celine, was at Planet Hollywood and now is back downtown.
The cycle of an entertainers life.
It is a myth that gambling is better downtown, your qualifier "for some" is correct.
There are a few blackjack games that are good, and the rest is about the same.
You are correct that downtown is quiet during the day.
Off Fremont Street their are 2 great museums, Neon and Mob.
Visiting these is easy from anywhere.
Unless you are a veteran visitor and want to play slots in old, dirty, smoky casinos for an extended period of time I see no reason to stay downtown.
Some vegas casino map downtown say the casinos are much closer and easier to walk between.
I ask how many old, dirty smoky casinos do you want to be in and how many hours a day?
For most visitors staying on the strip and visiting downtown one evening works.
You can the judge for yourself if downtown is for you.
Edited: 6:56 am, December 03, 2012 While I disagree with Losvu on some points not all downtown casinos are old, dirty and smokey, for exampleI agree that in this case a Strip hotel is probably the best choice.
It's hard enough to keep everyone in a large group happy, so being close to the most choices for restaurants and attractions is probably the wisest course of action.
This would mean choosing to stay on the Strip.
Take an evening to visit downtown, then you'll know for future reference if staying there would suit you.
If you're interested in the or the Neon Boneyard, head there during the day for those and spend the evening enjoying the light show and free live music.
Thanks so much for your replies everyone.
And Losvu, you are correct, I have absolutely no idea what "downtown" is like.
As the weather was so cold and windy when we were there last so much for leaving behind the same in Canada we didn't spend a lot of time exploring.
You have made my decision easy.
We will stay on or near the strip and spend an evening for the Fremont experience.
Downtown is not for everyone.
I strongly recommend that you stay on the Strip and visit Downtown, one afternoon and night.
Then if you find that you enjoy Downtown, you can include it as part of your next trip.
Hi I'm with the other posters on staying on the strip.
We like downtown and always split our stay but for your needs, stick to the strip.
I would recomend having a few hours downtown on one of your evening though.
It's good to experience all on offer.
Clive Watch this video.
It's not mine, but I think it shows a bit of vegas casino map downtown Downtown has to offer.
It's worth checking out.
But for the glam and glitz, I would say a large group would be more entertained on the strip.
Plus more shopping, restaurant choices ect.
Includes places to see and things to pack!
Grand Canyon West; 3.
How does it work?
With a view; 2.
Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer vegas casino map downtown time to answer travelers' questions.
Taxes, fees not included for deals content.



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