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In 2010, the European Court of Justice ruled that the monopolised gambling industry in Germany has to be liberalised. Schleswig-Holstein is the only German state that has already come up with their own gambling bill allowing gambling online. From 2012, casino operators can apply for an online gambling license in this ...
This is all in spite of the fact that real-world gambling and sports betting in Germany is completely legal, with these lucrative markets being a particularly fruitful source. and casino games or bet on sports online in their native language via a number of sites in possession of licences granted by Schleswig-Holstein until 2018.
The consequence of this situation is that the new State Treaty will not enter into force on 1 January 2018 as planned. This is because the law provides that it will be invalid if it is not ratified by all 16 German states until 31 December 2017. Until the German states find an agreement for a new law the current ...

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Germany - The Gambling Law Review - Edition 2 - The Law Reviews

Europe's online gambling scene saw a number of important changes last year. More EU countries officially regulated their iGaming markets (the Czech Republic, Poland), while other countries acknowledged the importance of the introduction of proper regulations (Sweden) in relation to the provision of this ...
III. Outlook on Gambling Regulation in Germany for 2018. 1. Proposed Interstate Treaty on Gambling. The Ince decision was followed by a wave of national court decisions confirming the licensing process' incompatibility with European law. German authorities experienced difficulties in issuing injunctions ...
The Interstate Treaty subjects any activity falling under the definition of a "game of chance" to German gambling regulations. A "game of... However, the Amendment Treaty did not enter into force on 1 January 2018 as originally planned since three of the German states, the Schleswig Holstein, North Rhine ...
Despite the fact that a new treaty designed to look at refreshed regulation for Germanys online gambling industry, the countrys sector remains complex.

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Germany prepares for changes to gambling laws | iGaming Business

The current situation regarding online gambling regulation in the country can best be described as complex, with no solution in sight.
No hurry to rush The German government appears to be in no hurry to rush through a framework that would allow its citizens to freely gamble online.
It was german gambling law 2018 2012 that Germany first took steps to regulate gambling with the creation of an interstate treaty.
One of the most heavily criticised elements of german gambling law 2018 treaty was the cap it placed on the number of gambling that were permitted.
Local operators were allowed to offer onlinebut international operators were to be capped, with only 20 betting licenses up for grabs.
A new treaty This year, Germany finally got round to drawing german gambling law 2018 a new treaty, one which proposed raising the cap on international operators from 20 to 40.
In doubling the number of available licenses in one fell swoop, it was hoped that this would appease the 35 international operators that had previously attempted to obtain a German gambling license.
One major dissenting state has been German gambling law 2018, which has expressed the desire to adopt its own gambling act instead, one which would also legalise and poker play for its citizens.
The 300-word report recommended that the German government further deregulate the gambling market for the benefit of players and operators.
As it stands, progress in Germany is painfully slow.
It has been reported that Disney Worldwide Services Inc.
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